50 years
of quality and tradition
Our farm has been offering food quality to consumers since 1968. There are 50 years of continuous growth and development, investment in increasing quality, technology and modernization.

Our unit carries out a complex activity which includes: cultivating the land, producing the fodder, rearing chickens, raising the laying hens, collecting and distributing of eggs.
Dr. Ștefan Balaban – Aviputna Founder
Aviputna Golesti became the first private poultry farm in the country due to dr. Ştefan Balaban's vision. It happened in 1991, and since then, our company has been permanently in the '' Top 5 Poultry Farms '' in the country for egg production.

It is the story of a responsible business, which has been outdoned continuously through the exceptional qualities of its manager, dr. Ştefan Balaban.
Superior Taste Award 2015
With the appreciation of the 65 Michelin-starred chefs, Aviputna Golesti customers have a certainty that Din Ogradă egg has a remarkable taste and superior quality.

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Aviputna S.R.L.
Victory Street, no. 22,
Golești Commune, Vrancea County, Romania

Tel.: (+40) 237 214 014
Fax: (+40) 237 214 014

E-mail: office@aviputna.ro
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