Quality, emblem of customer loyalty

Mission, Vision, Values


The eggs produced by the brand „Din Ogradă” have become synonymous with healthy food, with good and rich taste.

We want to keep this particularity in Romania and give consumers the guarantee of the best choice. Our mission is to contribute to the healthy nutrition of romanians with a high quality product of certain biological and nutritional value.

We want that the generated confidence by Aviputna products to be strengthened and expanded continuously in order to conquer new segments and to increase market share.


The strength of our mission is to constantly update the technology, welded with investment in a human resource capable of understanding and satisfying customers expectations.

Being in line with profile research and implementing the latest technological solutions for a high quality product in absolute hygienic conditions and respecting environmental conditions, is synonymous with the respect we owe to our customers.


Philosophy of production is to deliver our products promptly, continually and taking care about the  quality, food safety and freshness.

The egg  is a complete nutritional food with invaluable value. It is worthwhile knowing  its qualities and importance for health, so we communicate permanently about its characteristics. Through all our actions, we want to contribute to educate the public for a healthy diet.

We encourage the strong team spirit manifested through respect for all colleagues, proactive communication among team members, an open attitude to solve all problems, support for continuous professional growth.

Aviputna S.R.L.
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E-mail: office@aviputna.ro
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