Quality, emblem of customer loyalty


Loyal sustainable for business development, Aviputna’s management is made from a strong group of experts and consumer egg production experts in the industry. It is aimed to ambitious objectives that meet the demands of an increasingly demanding costumers, who choose healthy products produced in Romania, but at european standards.

The solid experience of team members, closely embraced with specific skills and respect for the quality values ​​that we assumed, is a guarantee of our promise to consumers: to deliver a healthy and tasty product.

aviputna producator oua
Ovidiu Avram
Commercial Director
"If the problem has a solution, then it isn't a problem. If it doesn't have solution, even less."
aviputna producator oua
Mărioara Zdrăhuș
Economic Director
"It's never too late to be what you could might have been."
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Dragoș Gabriel Daraban
Avipack Director
"Destiny leads half of a man's life. The other half is guided by the character."
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Nagye Spanu
Cost analyst
"I strive to be like he was, Dr. Ștefan Balaban, competent, loyal and most devoted friend."
Aviputna S.R.L.
Victory Street, no. 40,
Golești Commune, Vrancea County, Romania

Tel.: (+40) 728.304.992
Tel.: (+40) 723.597.271
Fax: (+40) 372.252.993

E-mail: office@aviputna.ro
aviputna producator ouaaviputna producator oua