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Aviary systems

Aviputna Golesti farm continuously invests in tehnology from respect of our consumers’ expectations: healthy eggs, produced in a qualitative and safe environment, respecting the strictest European standards.

Aviputna carries out a responsible business, that’s way we have an integrated production structure with rigorous control over all the links that make up this chain.

A well-established internal flow is the guarantee for a product with high biological value that meets, on one hand, the most rigorous European standards, on the other hand, the requirement for healthy food products, a constantly increasing trend among Romanian consumers.

Aviputna Golești is the first private poultry farm in the country. Since 1991 it has been permanently in the top 5 farms in the country for egg production.

More than 3,000,000 euro were invested by 2012 as part of the modernization project Aviputna Farm, which currently benefits from a unique technology in Romania for breeding hens and rearing chickens. It is a growth system from the german company Big Dutchman that allows birds to grow freely on the ground without being exposed to any stressors and following all the rules imposed by the Directive Council 1999/74 / EC. As a result, the eggs produced in our farm have code 2 and a high biological value that complies with the most severe European standards on one hand, and on the other hand the requirement for healthy food products, a growing trend among Romanian consumers.

Aviputna S.R.L.
Victory Street, no. 40,
Golești Commune, Vrancea County, Romania

Tel.: (+40) 728.304.992
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E-mail: office@aviputna.ro
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