Quality, emblem of customer loyalty

Superior Taste Award – Aviputna Vrancea, Romania

„Superior Taste Award” has given us international recognition of the remarkable quality of „Din Ogradă” egg.

The 11th edition of the awards was made in the presence of several members of the jury, wine tasters and Chefs, among whom Alain Clos – Euro-Toques Luxembourg, Domnique Michou – Maîtres Cuisiniers de Belgique et France and, last but not least, Michel Blanchet – President Maîtres Cuisiniers de France. Ambassadors and representatives of the embassies of the participating countries, including Romania, were also present.

The International Taste & Quality Institute,  the world’s largest organization dedicated to testing and promoting quality beverages and food, is from Brussels.

The „Superior Taste” Award is the only emblem of the taste quality attributed by leaders who are Michelin Star Chefs and Sommeliers.

The most prestigious culinary and sommelier associations are part of the iTQi family, as follows:

The members of the iTQi jury are unique in the world because they are selected from among the prestigious culinary organizations and the International Sommelier Association (ASI) mentioned above.

These jurors, carefully selected by iTQi and these organizations, have been trained many years for tasting products. They have practiced their profession in Europe and in other countries such as Japan, China, Thailand, Australia, North, Central and South America. They are passionate and enthusiastic, in a continuous quest to discover new flavors, unknown products, regardless of their origin.

Jury members are selected for the following qualities:
• Long practice in tasting
• Chef or Sommelier talent, recognized by the Michelin or Gault Millau guide
• Great experience
Ability to describe the taste of food and drinks
Ability to suggest possible improvements in sensory analysis, which is the essence of their profession

Like Michelin guide to gastronomy, iTQi does not organize a contest, but evaluates and rewards the products according to their own quality. Only products with a score of over 70% are „Superior Taste” awarded with with 1, 2 or 3 golden stars.
• 1 golden star: a score of 70 to 80%: good taste
• 2 golden stars: score between 80 and 90%: remarkable taste
• 3 golden stars: score over 90%: exceptional taste.

Products are tested „in blind”, without packaging or any other identifying element.

Each product is assigned with a code, thus ensuring a safe tracking method. The products are prepared, heated or cooked strictly in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and are presented as if they were served at home.

Every product is subjected to a sensory analysis and is assigned a score based on the overall impression (decisive factor in the final grade) as well as visual appearance, scent, texture, flavor and taste after consumption.

For transparency, iTQi organizes the tests:
• eliminating any interaction between jury members
• presenting products „in blind”
• organizing large groups of jurors. iTQi is the organization that collects the largest number of professional tasters, helping to increase the value and prestige of „Superior Taste” Award all over the world.

„Following the modernization process in 2012, we wanted to provide consumers with a quality product for a healthy diet. We realized that only by quality we can attract the loyalty of our customers.

The unique technology in Romania, whereby the hens are freely raised, on the ground, as in every farmer’s place, the purely natural fodder prepared in our own FNC, according to our own recipes, the entire team involved in the production and distribution process, all of which led, naturally, to a product of remarkable quality, namely the „Din Ogradă” egg.

With a general score of 87.5%, we have become the proud owners of the 2-star quality of iTQi.

The „Superior Taste” Award brought us happiness, especially since we are the only ones in Romania and even in Europe that have such a distinction.

Now, with the appreciation of the 65 Michelin-starred chefs, Aviputna Golești customers are also certain that the „Din Ogradă” egg has a remarkable taste and superior quality.

At the same time, the iTQi Award encourages us to be on the right track to fulfill our mission, to provide consumers with a quality product for a healthy diet. ”


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