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The quality of the product – an egg with high biological value – requires a proper furage, carefully inspected and selected, that’s why Aviputna Golești has a fodder factory with a capacity of 10 tonnes per hour.

The project was conceived as a result of the desire to provide consumers with a quality product of the European level and driven by a desire to modernize continuously our production capacity from 2015 until today, 6 silos of 1,000 tons each were added to the original project.

Because we have our own FNC, we feed the chickens according to performance recipes, produced by our veterinarians, nutritionists and engineers. The fully automated line through which the cereal grain gets directly into the manufacturing process provides the guarantee of complete hygienic security, absolutely necessary for premium eggs, such as those produced by our farm.

Our furage are free of artificial additives or dangerous substances which may affect the health of the poultry or the consumer.

Our feed production meets the most severe criteria in the industry.

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