Din Ograda Eggs

From the Yard – the name for healthy alimentation

Willing to bring a high quality product forward to the consumers, so that they should have a healthy alimentation, we have implemented the latest German technology where the hens are brought-up freely, just like in every peasant’s courtyard.

Here in our farm, one can easily find all the elements of a peasant’s courtyard, including the hens movement, the 100% natural feed as well as the environment as a whole.

It is a well-known fact that egg is the most complex food, highly rich in proteins, vitamins (it contains all vitamins except vitamin C) and minerals. The aviary system and the all natural feed make the egg „From the Yard” a landmark for a top-grade healthy life.

For that matter, the quality of the egg „From the Yard”acts for the best pledge of our clients’ fidelity.

din ograda

din ograda